In a heartwarming ceremony that served as the highlight of the 3rd National Safe Motherhood Conference, Mama Tulia was bestowed with a prestigious award for her remarkable contributions to maternal-obstetric services in Uganda. The event, which took place from the 23rd to the 25th of October 2023, was a continuation of the efforts initiated at the 2nd National Safe-Motherhood conference in 2022, with a focus on advancing the nation’s health systems and maternal and child health indicators

Under the resounding theme, “Reach every mother, Reach every newborn,” the conference rallied participants to strategize and strengthen the efforts of healthcare workers across all levels of service delivery. It aimed to reflect on the progress made in the delivery of various aspects of safe motherhood at the national level, while also identifying barriers and areas for improvement. The 2022 conference laid a strong foundation for collaborative learning and inspired stakeholders to plan and implement activities to improve maternal and child health..

The award………

Mama Tulia, a shining star in maternal-obstetric services particularly preterm care, emerged as a beacon of hope and dedication. The organisation’s unwavering commitment to ensuring the well-being of mothers and newborns in Uganda did not go unnoticed. The recognition of the exceptional efforts was a testament to the organisation’s tireless work in advancing the cause of safe motherhood in the country.

The award was presented to Mama Tulia by the esteemed Permanent Secretary, Atwine Diana, representing the Ministry of Health Uganda. In her congratulatory speech, Atwine Diana lauded Mama Tulia’s dedication to maternal and child health and recognized the organisation as a true role model in the field. She emphasized the importance of organisations like Mama Tulia, who serve as catalysts for change and progress.

Meaning going forward……

Mama Tulia’s recognition at the 3rd National Safe Motherhood Conference was a moment of pride for all those involved in the cause of improving maternal and child health in Uganda. It underscored the significance of the community, healthcare workers, and policymakers in driving this essential mission forward. The award was not just an acknowledgement of Mama Tulia’s commitment but also a celebration of the collective efforts that have brought the country closer to achieving its safe motherhood objectives.

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