Premature babies

Prematurity is both a challenging experience and a blessing.


We all ask the same question when faced with a very difficult situation, WHY ME? This is no different with mothers that have given birth to premature babies. In their minds they battle with thoughts and questions like, why is it me to go through this? What did I do wrong to deserve this? Is it a punishment from God? Why did God allow this? Unfortunately, no one has the right answers that they seek. is only natural to focus on the negative impacts of every challenge and neglect the positives that come with. We can all agree that giving birth to a premature baby is a tough and scary moment for a mother. One that none of us would like to face because we see it as a problem, but we forget that it’s a human life that deserves a chance to live on this planet too.

Is Prematurity really a Blessing?

We may not know the exact right answer but one thing we do know is that a child is a gift and blessing from God, even a preterm baby. A preterm baby may be an answered prayer to that woman that has been struggling to have children, a miracle to that wife that has had a mischarge, the only boy among the girls, an additional member to the family, or one to impact many lives in the future. Prematurity may be a challenge, but also a blessing in someone’s life.

Prematurity makes a mother stronger than any other mom. Mothers of preemies always fight so that their babies see another day. They trade their lives for the survival of their babies. During long hospital nights they keep awake to monitor their preterm babies and in isolation they cry as they see their babies struggle to survive. Mothers are never ready for a premature baby. They often struggle to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but day by day they continue to fight. Mothers of preemies fight a selfless fight.

Challenging moments help build our faith in God. Faith can be formed from the  challenge of prematurity. Mothers that see their tiny babies in incubators struggling to survive see firsthand that has the power of life and death. They realize that this is a situation beyond them, a battle they can’t win on their own, and desperately need God’s intervention for their baby’s life. Mothers of preemies not only see the need for God, but His miraculous power which makes them thankful. They are thankful when they see their premature baby making their first step, when the baby says ‘mama’  for the first time, or when they celebrate their first birthday. These precious moments and many others are ways of seeing what was a challenge turn into a blessing.

“Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning.”  Psalm 30:5

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